Following questions will help you to write some info about you. Of course, you don’t need to answer all questions, it’s just for inspiration. The description shouldn’t be too long, but clear and informative. However, try to answer the most of them, then it will be a great story about you!

General about you

  • What inspired you to be a diver?
  • What are you most passionate about?
  • What’s your biggest accomplishment?

Your experience

  • How many years have you been working as a diver/instructor?
  • How many dives have you completed?

You as a diving professional

  • Where did you learn diving?
  • What motivates you as a diver/instructor?
  • What problems do you solve as a diver/instructor?
  • What’s the biggest proof as a diver?
  • What is your next personal or professional dive training goal?

Diving in general

  • Where is your dive training location of preference?
  • Where is your favorite diving spot?
  • Where would you like to dive? Where is your dream diving place?

Diving courses & teaching experience

  • What is your favorite diving course?
  • What can you say about your versatility and teaching expertise?
  • What is (are) your biggest achievement(s) as a diver/diving instructor?
  • How many other divers/instructors have you certified?
  • Where do you see diving in a couple of years?


  • What other things do you do apart from diving?
  • Do you have any advice for prospective/amateur divers?

Enjoy iDiveYou – enjoy teaching diving!