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  • Divemaster since January 2006
  • Instructor since December 2008

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Dive Master

Sidemount Diver

Tec Diver


Dry Suit Diver

Garry, known to many as ‘Sidemount Bob’ or ‘Chewie’, is truly fascinated by the underwater world, equally as happy being mesmerized by the gracefulness and beauty of marine life, as he is with the eerie silence of deep wrecks soaked in history, not to mention the remote, stunning speleology decorating the caves around the world, photographing those special moments along the way.

For nearly 20 years, spending most of his time underwater, he figured that becoming an instructor and passing on his knowledge would be time well spent, and so he did just that, improving divers abilities wherever he goes. Having qualifications in all the major training agencies in OC, SCR and CCR, his intrigue into various kit and configurations led him to research the theory, understanding and practicalities into Sidemount diving and its application for all disciplines including rebreathers, for which he is globally reputed.

He finds it in his nature to seek adventure and push himself, clearly evident in his cave diving explorations and ventures; Presenting/speaking at primary and secondary schools, dive centres and national/international dive shows.

He’s a Recreational, Technical and Cave Instructor Trainer, co-owner and director of training for RAID UK & Malta training agency, a key member of the “Apeks Cave Exploration” and “Apeks Tek Testing” teams, exploring newly discovered cenotes in the Yucatan district, Mexico as well as mines and caves in UK and Spain.

He says "Teaching and diving around the world, I feel privileged to be able to call this surreal, enticing and inspiring underwater realm my office, humbled every time I’m in it… that’s why I enjoy my ‘job’ and would love others to have that same experience."

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Simply Sidemount & Simply Tec

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Be unafRAID…seek the adventure within!

At Simply Sidemount and Simply Tec, we are dedicated to giving you the best possible recreational and technical tuition, whether it be in single cylinder backmount, twinset or Sidemount.

We are passionate about all aspects of diving and when we are not teaching we are exploring caves, wrecks and reefs around the world. We hope our enthusiasm for diving is infectious as we aim to create confident, safe divers in a relaxed and fun environment.

By tailoring each course to an individual’s needs we always endeavour to help you achieve your goals and aspirations, safely.

Sidemount diving is a beautiful way to dive, as you can feel so much more balanced and therefore relaxed in the water... divers just want to feel just that, in whatever discipline they dive.

At Simply Sidemount we can easily help you achieve just that in a relatively short space of time. This will give you a much better platform on which you can develop more skills, especially if you want to get into Technical diving.

The video below shows how to achieve perfect balance in a drysuit, without the aid of fins, which divers tend to rely on to stabilise themselves during hovering.
Almost every diver has good buoyancy, the fundamental element of hovering is sometimes overlooked and mistaken for. The skill of hovering is often the most difficult to attain. This, coupled with equipment issues or bad habits can be a somewhat painstakingly long process, taking years sometimes to grasp.
In a wetsuit or drysuit, this initially involves correct distribution of weight (weight of tank/s, lead weights) and buoyancy. Once the balance is observed and mastered, everything else is very achievable.

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